Our Tools


ITECS has invested the time in incorporating some of the best tools available to help our clients find technologies, partnership and funding in the public sector. One of the main tools we use is our proprietary database, which ITECS created and maintains.  This database stores the solicitations from the federal and state governments that are issued on a daily basis, a collection of information about which companies are receiving federal awards for technology development, and what technologies are available for licensing in the academic and public sectors.

This allows us to scope out the landscape.  We then use our network from the national laboratory system to flush out the opportunities in more detail. For example, to assist a client with their new paint technology, an antimicrobial paint that would remove pathogens from the air, we leveraged our database to see what federal entities were funding this type of technology and which, if any, other research groups were receiving awards for the technology. Our search results pointed us in the direction of the Department of Defense. Leveraging our network of national laboratory scientists, we learned that the U.S. Navy scientists were working on a similar technology to combat anthrax and found a good fit for our client in that agency. Our efforts garnered $3 million for our client to further develop their technology, as well as laid the foundation for them to develop additional partnerships with universities and non-profits.

We also apply a top down approach to leverage the public sector. Not only do we take the existing programs from the client into consideration, but we look at major programs the government is involved with and see if our clients could potentially solve that national need. For example, the government will invest more than $10B dollars in advanced manufacturing over the course of the next ten years. We aligned several of our clients that have major manufacturing assets to this initiative. The resultant emerging technologies that will come from this federal investment in advanced manufacturing will enable the clients we aligned to rise to the head of the pack in their industries.

To ensure that we have left no stone unturned, and to validate that our recommendations will best service our clients, we always employ a Red Team Review to finalize our recommendations. The Red Team consists of a group of experts in the particular technological field of interest who review our findings, look for gaps and keep us up on the latest and greatest in their field of expertise so we can pass those jewels on to our clients. Sometimes their efforts will tell us if a supported program is not mature enough to best serve our client, or they will help us define the timbre of the agency program, understanding the agency’s biases and deepest desires. The Red Team Review provides the “last look” before we close the book to make sure that we have provided the best possible information for our clients to move forward.