Capturing Funds for Technology

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ITECS helps our clients get government funding through partnering with the government, licensing technologies, winning grant proposals, and/or participating in consortiums and federal agency roadmaps. For the fifteen years, ITECS has helped some of the world’s most successful companies and universities do business with the government, assisting them in securing over $400 million in R&D and capital funds.


Finding the Fit

ITECS review and analyze our client’s technology portfolios and core platforms and identify partnering opportunities, potential intellectual properties, along with funding opportunities.  ITECS than facilitates connections to the appropriate fund keepers and agency program managers to position the clients technology.

Writing Winning Proposals

During the pursuit of funding, it is necessary to prepare grants. ITECS can help develop a value proposition for the proposal, manage the proposal writing process, and provide experienced grant writers to write and edit the proposal. This will ensure that the proposal fits the guidelines of the request and has a clear value proposition that is reinforced throughout the entire document.  

Content Management

Some of our clients do not have experience with managing government contracts. ITECS can provide technical writers, accountants, and lawyers to ensure that the right deal is made and the resultant contract is executed to meet both the clients need and the government needs.  Not only does this give our clients peace of mind but, in most cases, the cost of the service can be paid for from the monies received by the government


Our Practice

While it is advantageous to leverage the power of the public sector to bring your concepts to fruition, it is a complicated world to navigate. ITECS has the knowledge of the government process, the technical know-how to get the job done and a robust network of experts to navigate this world.


“In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances”

Carlos Slim

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Top Notch Service

“The ITECS team consistently delighted us by the access to government agencies and policy makers. They really understood our needs and were able to position our technology well” –Kent Young, Director of Technology, Sherwin Williams